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The Canada Asia Synergy Group (CASG):

  • Provides strategic relationship facilitation, management coaching and mentoring, investment and trade brokering and consulting and advisory services

  • Supports teams with international trade and investment opportunities and market intelligence and strategies

  • Facilitates relationships between strategic partners and existing clients

  • Plans, coordinates and executes international missions

  • Brokers capital sourcing deals

  • Provides assistance with value chains and partnerships, particularly in the food processing areas

  • Provides sourcing and logistical support for products originating from China

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CASG is currently focused on developing synergistic relationships with foreign investors and Canadian businesses in the projects listed below.




CASG has an operational arm that will manage the investment for the client and continue the agriculture use of the land without risk to the client. The intent is to ensure a reasonable return on the land each year. 


Non-Canadian investors in Canadian agriculture land face restrictions. CASG has several options that may provide opportunities for foreign investors without violating Canadian ownership directives. 


Currently, an opportunity exists to purchase a large working cattle ranch west of Edmonton, Alberta. The ranch will provide an 8-10% annual return based on operations, lease income, plus other income streams.

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CASG also manages Canada Asia Trading Corporation.  We can help source products from China to Canada for clients including, but not limited to, plastics, building supplies, plumbing supplies and a wide range of other items.


We have a partnership with Zhong Lian Building Materials Limited in Guangzhou who will ensure that the quality control on the manufacturing of the product is.

We can arrange for buying missions for companies that are interested in looking at the products that are available in China.  Visits to factories can also be arranged.



CASG is prepared to create a complete “field-to-plate” initiative that satisfies food safety and security demands of the marketplace, while also providing a high-quality Canadian brand to the appropriate partner. 


The initial investment includes creating a corporate structure that allows for a partnership between the Asian investor and the farmers/producers. With the producers of the animals as a partner in the venture, traceability and supply risk is greatly reduced.


The second level of investment is for a facility, with the approvals, marketing preparation, product and packaging design to follow as the construction of the processing facility is underway.


This is a 100% traceable initiative, combined with a product designed for the target market and would be exclusive to Asia.



CASG is seeking a partnership between a landowner/developer, the CASG team of professionals, a post-secondary institution and a primary care team. 


The vision is a campus with high-end residential estate-type homes to house elders, students, care givers, and medical professionals. Interested Canadian post-secondary institution would provide opportunities for Chinese and Canadian student exchanges, as well as prepare care givers for our facilities. The campus would also house student and visitor accommodations.


A Canadian post-secondary institution, luxury elder care partner, and a primary care management team are ready to participate.


This model would house 200 elder residents and accommodate approximately 1,500 students with a positive double digit return. Building costs, fee for service, and student tuition would be adjusted for the target market.



With networks throughout China, CASG can provide business contacts with some of the key institutions that will help shape the business and political environment in China. We will facilitate travel and meeting arrangements and provide information on areas of opportunity.

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