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CASG Announces New Partnerships

The Canada Asia Synergy Group (CASG) is pleased to announce recent partnerships with the Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation, and Jiuyou Fund.


Chinese Academy of Governance is a ministerial-level institution directly affiliated with the State Council. It is an important body for training high- and mid-level civil servants and high-level administrators and policy researchers; an important center for carrying out scientific research, particularly on the theory of public administration and on innovation in government administration; and an important think tank that provides consultation services to the Party and government on matters of policy.


Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation, commonly supported by China World Peace Foundation and international society, is a public foundation set up under the approval of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. It aims at carrying on traditional culture and developing forward modern civilization. Through civil diplomacy and cultural diplomacy, it establishes a platform for cultural exchanges and cooperation between countries and people from different countries. With the public welfare model of “Peace plus One” (peace and art, peace and sports, peace and health, peace and education), together with its partners, it shares and achieves both national and international social responsibilities that have creativity, credibility and influence.


Jiuyou Fund is an innovative platform with three distinctive functions, i.e., investment fund, technology promotion in new cities, and industry research institute. Jiuyou Fund diversifies its investment portfolio, focuses on strategic and consumer industries, introduces viable projects with core IP rights and proven business models from North America, Europe and Japan, and selects local projects of high-growth but low-risk.

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